It’s no great surprise that more and more businesses are using social media as part of their marketing strategy, but as with all marketing it takes a specialist in the field to know its true potential and incorporate that into a company’s marketing mix.

How Do I Leverage Social Media To Gain More Clients?- Creative Digital Marketing 3

It’s not just enough to have a Facebook and Twitter page, companies need to think outside the box in order to really benefit from social media.  The main strategy is to increase the number clients a business has, one of the fundamental ways in achieving this is to increase your reach.  There are many ways in which to achieve this, however start with resources that are close to home, in particular your own website.

Ensure that visitors to your website can find social media subscription/follow buttons with ease, these can be added to your main “homepage”, “blog” and “about” sections of the website.  Social Media “share” buttons can also be added to various content, including blogs or new articles.  By visitors sharing your content it enables the company to reach an audience that may be unaware of your business.

Optimise your emails! You can also add links to your various social media platforms to your emails.  Your customers can also help to endorse your product, service and content.  Making sure they are following you on various social media sites will encourage them to share content and generate new customers leads.

Social media as with most marketing elements is a minefield, some business have in house marketing teams but many are now choosing to outsource this element to a specialist firm in order to maximise social media potential.  Using our accelerate programme, Xcite Digital can drive a business’s digital marketing plan forward.