Multi Channel Marketing

Both in global and UK terms consumers are turning to many different channels when engaging with a company for a product or service. To allow businesses to capture as wider audience as possible a multi channel marketing campaign needs to exist. Research has also shown that Multi channel consumers are more likely to spend up to four times the amount of single channel consumers. There are however some challenges that digital marketing strategy creates:

  • Targeted messaging.  Customers now have such a choice of channels that purely delivering the right company message is not sufficient.  The message needs to be received by the customer but also requires customers to be receptive attentive and willing for act no matter what channel is used.

  • Highly choreographed campaigns.  Marketing experts need to constantly evolve and develop micro campaigns and touch points that can be used across multiple channels seamlessly, yet still deliver the correct message in a meaningful way.

  • Marketing response attribution.  The more channels enlisted within a campaign the more difficult it is to know which ones contribute to advocacy.  However by finding out what triggered a response we can assess the productivity of the campaign.

It’s with tackling these challenges head on,  that organisations can expect to get the most out of multi channel marketing. Here at Xcite Digital we have developed various strategies that have been proven to work time and time again. IGNITE, one of our strategies, allows us to explore your market across various channels which can then be used to develop your digital business strategy. For more information on what Xcite do, click here.